Karen Kruzan, LISW-S, CPO-CD®

Karen Kruzan, LISW-S, CPO-CD® is a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization and the owner of K2 Organizing, LLC. Ms. Kruzan is a published author and a national speaker on hoarding disorder and chronic disorganization. She is a Golden Circle member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), and a member of the Ohio Chapter. Ms. Kruzan earned her Hoarding Specialist and Chronic Disorganization Specialist distinction from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD), and is a Certified Health Information Organizer. She has been organizing small businesses and residences since 2007. Ms. Kruzan is a Supervising Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW-S) and has provided psychotherapy for over 18 years. She served as Quality Improvement Coordinator for 4 years at a local community behavioral health center. For 10 years Ms. Kruzan was the Director and then CEO of Youth Forum, Inc., a public organization that provided project and utilization management of public resources in Franklin County. In 2010 and 2014 Ms. Kruzan was the featured organizer on TLC's Hoarding: Buried Alive.

Professional Disclosure Statement

Professional Disclosure Statement (pdf)

My Continuing Education

I have a Masters Degree in Social Work and continue to maintain my professional licensure as well as my certification in chronic disorganization. I am committed to continuing to learn more about organizing, people, mental health, and business processes. Below is a list of what I've been learning about the past few years, and in parenthesis is the source.

Change and the CD Client (ICD)
Working with Emotional Processors (ICD)
Understanding the Exceptional Child and the Family's Needs (ICD)
Alzheimer's Disease and the Related Dementias: Implications for Disorganization Behaviors (ICD)
The Adult ADHD Toolkit: Coping Inside and Out (ICD)
Client Abandonment (ICD)
Mental Illness: Organizing Space to Create Balance (ICD)
Depression in the Elderly (ICD)
What I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then (ICD)
Assessing the CD Clients Productivity Potential (ICD)
The Antithesis to a One Style Fits All Organizing Methodology (ICD)
How to Make Your Craft Room Play Well: Be Authentic and Use Ergonomics (ICD)
The High Risk of High Intelligence: CD Clients and High IQ (ICD)
Building Lasting Habits (ICD)
The Psychology of ADHD: Organizing Around A Lifetime of Disorganization (ICD)
Time Management Issues that Plague the CD Client (ICD)
Accountability Essentials for the CD Client (ICD)
Starting a Clutter Support Group (ICD)
Women and ADHD: A Client's Perspective (ICD)
The Adult ADHD Toolkit: Coping Inside and Out Part 2 (ICD)
How to Enhance Your Therapeutic Presence Electronically (Dennison Associates)
How Do You Know If You Are Ready to Work With People Who Hoard? (ICD)
The Many Faces of Hoarding (ICD)
Organizing Your CD Client for Weight Loss (ICD)
Willpower and the CD Client (ICD)
Space Explorations (ICD)
Helping Young Adults with ADHD Transition into Adulthood (ICD)
Hoarding Interventions: Ideal or Imperfect (ICD)

The Assumption of Order (ICD)
How to Start Advising Clients About Time Clutter (ICD)
Ethics (Healthcare Training Institute)
Supervision (Healthcare Training Institute)
Cognitive Techniques for Narcissistic Clients' Need for Power and Control (Healthcare Training Institute)
Basic Understanding of the Legal Aspects of Hoarding (ICD)
Working with Kinesthetic Leaners (ICD)
Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Hoarding (ICD)
Compulsive Hoarding and Ambiguous Loss: The need for understanding grief and loss while working with hoarding clients (ICD)
Time Management and Productivity (ICD)
End of Life Issues for the Clutter-Bound Client (ICD)
Grief and Ritual in the Compulsive Hoarding Poplulation (ICD)
Homework: Headaches and Heartaches - Strategies to Ease the Pain (ICD)
Integrating Treatments for PTSD and Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding (ICD)
Mid and Later Life Changes: Essential Organizer Strategies (ICD)
The Challenges of Aging in Place (ICD)
Understanding Verbal Processors, Part II (ICD)
Brain-based Emotional Styles (ICD)
Articulating ADHD: Addressing Awerness Gaps in our ADHD Clients (ICD)

Helping Families of Treatment Resistant Hoarders (ICD)
Building Resiliency (Concord Counseling)
Case Studies: Low to High Insight Hoarding and Correlated Compassion Fatigue (ICD)
Organizer Teams: When to Use Them, How to Build Them, and Why They Work (ICD)
That Crumpled Paper Was due Last Week: Helping Disorganized Teenagers (ICD)
Organizer Teams: When to Use Them, How to Build Them, and Why They Work, Part 2 (ICD)
Work Your Inner Magic with Words: 5 Simple Steps to Motivate Your Clients (and Yourself) (ICD)
Decision-Making Skills for Indecisive ADHD, LD, and CD Clients (ICD)
Understanding the Clutter Hoarding Scale (ICD)
Working with Seniors Who Hoard (ICD)
New Research on Older Adults with Hoarding Behaviors and Its Usefulness to Those Who Are Trying to Help (ICD)
Every Child Has a Thinking Style (ICD)
Organizing Your Communication (ICD)
Curious Accountability: Getting Your ADHD Clients Excited About Failure (ICD)

CARF BH 202 for 2010: Maintaining Successful Accreditation in Behavioral Health (CARF)
HIPAA: Setting Ethical Client Boundaries Part II (Healthcare Training)
Working with Students with ADHD (NSGCD)
Supervision: Effective Clinical Relationships with Your Supervisees (Healthcare Training)
Why Don't We Just Do it? Managing Procrastination (NSGCD)
Working with a Cleanout Restoration Company (NSGCD)
Working ADHD Clients to Reduce Distractibility (NSGCD)
Introduction to Compulsive Hoarding (NSGCD)
Advanced Collaborative Therapy (NSGCD)
Using Small Steps of Kaizen to Help the Chronically Disorganized (NSGCD)
What's Age Got to Do With It? (Concord Counseling)
Trauma-Based Treatment (Concord Counseling)
Depression in the Elderly Client (NSGCD)
Memory: How it Works and How to Improve it (NSGCD)v Advanced Hoarding (NSGCD)
Generations in the Workplace (Concord Counseling)
Case Study: Client Challenge - Heirs to Hoarders and Clearing Up an Estate (NSGCD)
How to Help Our Memories Work Better (NSGCD)
Advanced Hoarding (NSGCD)
Bipolar Session 1 (NSGCD)
The Possession Cycle (NSGCD)
Working with Clients with Adult-Diagnosed ADD (NSGCD)
Fidget to Focus at School: Part 3 (NSGCD)
How the ADHD Brain Works: Overcoming Executive Functioning Weaknesses (NSGCD)
Working with CD Clients with Fibromyalgia (NSGCD)
Aging in Place (NSGCD)
Dealing with Negativity in the Workplace
Research Based Techniques to Use When Dealing with CD Clients Undergoing Life Transitions (NSGCD)
Using Root Cause Analysis to Supercharge your Critical Incident Review Process
Basic Safety: Personal Safety with CD Clients (NSGCD)
Strategies for Becoming an Effective Change Agent (NSGCD)
CARF Update 2009: Maintaining Successful Accreditation in Behavioral Health (CARF)
Basic CD (NSGCD)

Understanding the Mind Styles Model of Learning/Processing (NSGCD)
Customer Service: the Road to Recovery
Boundaries and Ethics (NSGCD)
Performance Improvement: Building Technical Skills for Everyday Use


K2 Organizing partners with Dr. Barbara Jo Dennison of Dennison Associates, Inc.

Dr. Barbara Jo Dennison, PhD, LISW-S

Dr. Barbara Jo Dennison PhD, LISW, ACSW received a doctor of philosophy in psychology from California Southern University and both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in social work from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. She has served as an adjunct facility instructor for Capital University and for Ohio State University schools; is a past director of operations for an Employment Assistance Program; and is a renowned speaker on Secondary Trauma/Compassion Fatigue. Her expertise ranges from clinical diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders to the administration of wellness programs. Currently, Dr. Dennison provides individual/family psychotherapy therapy, facilitates psychotherapy groups, provides wellness seminars for corporations, and facilitates critical incident stress debriefings. She is treasurer of the North Central C.I.S.M. Board and she is a past Board President for Central Ohio Mental Health Center. Presently she serves on The Greater Powell Area Chamber of Commerce board. She has served on the pastor parish committee in her church, on the National Board of Directors for the Fibromyalgia Alliance of America, and is a past state board member for the Ohio Society for Clinical Social Workers. She resides in Delaware, Ohio with her husband of thirty-seven years.