Below are some links you may find helpful. If you know of others you feel we should add please send an email with the details.

Organizing Products


a wonderful, flexible way to work with your schedule and/or projects. Perfect for visually oriented people.

Visit PlanetSafe

Scan Digital

puts your photos on CD/DVD and in your own free online gallery.

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Freedom Filer

a great system to help set up and maintain a comprehensive yet simple system for paper management

Visit Freedom Filer

Office Candy

Functional and stylish office supplies!   Visit Office Candy for fun variations on office supplies to brighten up your desk.

Visit Office Candy

Dennison and Associates, Inc.

for individual or family therapy in a private practice setting, offering EMDR and hynotherapy  for individual or family therapy, substance abuse treatment, and psychiatric care in a community site that accepts many insurances, Medicaid, and Medicare The Conselor, Social Worker, and Mariange and Family Therapist Board access businesses, organizations, and resources that provide services to seniors and their families

Clothing and Household Donations  assists groups in organizing coat drives and directs donors to sites  accepts donations of gently used furniture and household supplies. Free pick-up is provided

Miscellaneous Donations
General dotation listing  an extensive list of charities and organizations for a wide variety of donated items.  for tools to fix the homes of low-income families  accepts donations of musical instruments for American troops abroad  accepts computers for distribution to low income students in grades K-12  for mobile phones, PDA's, and pagers; and you pick the charity  they link donations of business and household items with the wish lists of local non-profits

Recycling  for computer and other recycling information. From the menu bar go to "How do I" then to "Take action" then to "Get rid of"  for a list of charities and organizations that take donat  for recycling crayons  will take tires for a small fee

Resale Shops  for gently used sporting equipment  for gently used children's clothing, toys, and items  for gently used books and other printed items  for new or gently used books, CD's, and DVD's. They can come to your home to price items.  for on-line selling of everything for children

Organizing Websites  the National Association of Professional Organizers  the Ohio Chapter of NAPO  the Institute for Challenging Disorganization  for organizing products and tips  for organizing products and tips  for organizing products