Mission: Assist others to experience relief through organization


What you can expect from K2 Organizing



At K2 we do what we say we will do. You can expect honesty and hard work to help you get the most from your investment in our services. If there is a job beyond our expertise, we will assist you in locating a reliable person to meet your needs.


Karen brings her extensive experience as a mental health therapist.  K2's tag line, "No Judgment. Just Relief" is more than just marketing.  No judgment is fundamental to a successful working partnership, and relief is the outcome you will achieve. 


Just as the reasons people are disorganized are specific to each individual, our solutions will be individually tailored to meet your needs. We begin with a consultation and assessment to determine what you need and plan a solution that will work for you when we are gone.


We will help you re-sell, donate, or dispose of many items you decide to remove from your space. Sometimes it is easier to part with things you no longer need if you can give them to someone who does. You will never be pressured to buy any organizing product. We will look for the simplest and most cost effective solutions first.