Personal Organizing

Residential Packages

Choose the package that best meets your needs. The Premium and Deluxe package pricings reflect a free hour as compared to hourly pricing!

  Deluxe Premium Classic
De-cluttering check check check
Drop off of donated items check check check
Hands-on organizing check check check
Phone and email support check check check
Referrals and linkages to other services check check check
Product searching check check check
Tip sheets check check check
Assistance with selling chosen items check check  
1 free "field trip" hour check    
Pricing (contact for current rates) 15 Hr Pkg 10 Hr Pkg Hourly

Clients Comment on Services

"Karen is awesome and a blessing. Very personable and easy to work with."

"I won't ever call anyone else for help."

"Everything was great for us! Keep up the service standard that we received"

"I felt me, my family, and our issues mattered. Karen cared."

Available Services

Home Organizing

We can help you de-clutter and organize any area in your home - the kitchen, bathroom, closets, basements, and home offices. If the problem isn't a place but a process like handling the mail, dealing with paper, or preparing a meal, we can help you create and maintain efficient processes. No project is too big or too small. You don't need to tackle it alone!

Special Services

We specialize in working with people with mental health issues, including those who have ADHD, chronic disorganization or hoarding behaviors. We can coach you through the challenging terrain so you can succeed at work or school, spend less time looking for things at home, and meet your potential.

Health Information Organizing

Are you prepared in the event of a medical emergency? Does your family know what to do if you become incapacitated? I am a certified health information organizer. Whether you want a binder, flash drive, PC, or internet option, I can give you peace of mind by organizing your health information in an easily accessible format.

Relocation Services

Let us help you with your pre-move sorting and discarding, preparing your house for prospective buyers, and packing and unpacking so you can focus on the excitement of your new location.


What do you do with a lifetime of possessions and memories? Being organized becomes more difficult with age, in part because of changes in memory and physical abilities. We'll guide you through a process to make the decisions and then help you execute the plan.

Non-Acquiring Field Trips

If you are struggling to resist the lure of shopping, we can help you learn your triggers and develop strategies to reduce unnecessary shopping and spending. We join you on a shopping trip to develop a plan suited to your individual personality and behaviors.

Time Management

We all seem to have more to do every year and less time in which to do it! How do some people keep up without getting overwhelmed? Let us show you the tools to help you create efficiencies and give yourself more time to do the things you enjoy.